William C. Chapman, MD, FACS

  • Eugene M. Bricker Chair of Surgery
  • Chief, Division of General Surgery
  • Chief, Section of Transplantation and Surgical Director, Transplant Center

Patient #:(314) 362-2538

Yiing Lin, MD, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery

Patient #:(314) 747-1393

Jason R. Wellen, MD, MBA, FACS

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Director of Kidney and Pancreatic Transplantation

Patient #:314-362-5365

Maria B. Majella Doyle, MD, MBA, FACS

  • Associate Professor of Surgery
  • Director, Transplant HPB Fellowship Program 

Patient #:(314) 362-2880

Surendra Shenoy, MD, PhD, FACS

  • Professor of Surgery

Patient #:(314) 362-4338